Our Story

Raised by real estate agent parents in the 70’s and 80’s, I grew up in a world of no cell phones, computers, email, internet or .coms that we take for granted in today’s business economy. Back then, the MLS was a big book distributed weekly that contained all the updated listings of homes for sale. No Realtor.com, Zillow or any of the other multiple sites available to search, sell or buy real estate. If you wanted to know what homes were on the market and the asking price, you need to call a Realtor®. Selling real estate was more challenging and the average real estate commission was 6%. Fast forward to a world where your home for sale can be seen across the globe and you can take a tour of the home without leaving your couch. All of these technological and marketing advances available to the real estate industry and the commission is still averaging at 6%. Most every industry has become more competitive with advances in technology except the real estate industry.

We are no strangers to taking on this challenge. In the early 2000’s we created a very successful 2% commission real estate company. From that experience, we know that homeowners want to pay lower commissions. Our company saved our clients millions in commissions while offering full-service real estate. We were recognized for our achievements and received many accolades including: Florida’s Governor’s Award for Innovation, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Award Finalist, Inman’s 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders, and Real Trends Top Team Professional Sales Volume in the Country selling over $250 Million in homes in one year. Unfortunately, our mission was cut short when the Great Recession hit in 2006 and devastated the real estate market.

Down, but not out. The passion for innovating the real estate industry burned on. After years of brain storming ideas on how to make a better mousetrap and solve some of our industry challenges we’re back with Ideal Agent. Instead of competing with the agents, we are in business with the agents across all brands. And, saving home sellers and buyers thousands in commissions while providing full service.

We look forward to providing your Ideal Agent.

Steve Johnston
Founder & CEO