Frequently Asked Questions

Agent’s FAQ Page

Ideal Agent is an online marketplace that connects Home Sellers and Buyers with local full-service real estate agents. Home Sellers and Buyers can compare proposals and select agents based on Experience, Commission, Rebates, Expertise, Marketing, Areas Served, Ratings and More. Ideal Agent is FREE to Home Sellers & Buyers.

Ideal Agents bid on Seller Listings & Buyer Rebates to win new business. Sellers & Buyers see your Marketing Plan, Experience, Ratings and Commission/Rebate Offered, but agents remain anonymous throughout the process until and only if they are selected as the winning Ideal Agent. agents receive real-time text and email alerts anywhere. It works on your laptop, phone or tablet.

You should only consider becoming an Ideal Agent if you’re committed to dramatically increasing your income. Ideal Agent’s marketing program delivers Sellers & Buyers that are ready to do business. No more cold calling bad leads. We don’t take a large referral percentage like most, so you get to keep more on our deals.

You Must Meet the Following Qualifications:

• Current Sales or Broker License in Good Standing

• A Minimum of 2 Years Real Estate Experience

• Closed at Least 6 Transactions in Last Year

• Full-Service Agent/Broker

• Local Market Expertise

• Positive Client Ratings

We expect all of our Ideal Agents to:

• Meet Seller or Buyers in person to present proposal.

• Present a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for Sellers.

• Recommend a List Price that will sell the home within the Seller’s expectations at the highest possible value.

• Prepare all listing and sale documents and disclosures.

• Actively market the home • Manage the transaction from Listing to Closing

• Communicate regularly and promptly with all parties involved in the transaction.

• Negotiate on Seller or Buyer’s behalf.

• Accompany the Seller or Buyer to the closing.

Fees vary based on zip codes, activity and home values. This information is provided during our interview once you submit a request to become an Ideal Agent. We look forward to discussing the details of our program with you soon.

Simply fill out the short form and submit to become an Ideal Agent. We will contact you for a qualifying interview to become an Ideal Agent. The form is not an automatic enrollment into our program. We will be interested in learning more about your success in the real estate industry and you will learn more about how Ideal Agent works and how we can build upon your successes by becoming an Ideal Agent in your local market.

No, Ideal Agents remain anonymous throughout the bidding process. Your identity will only be revealed if you are selected as the winner by the Seller or Buyer.

When a Seller or Buyer enters their information as a new lead the agents involved in the bid is contacted by email and text message to participate in the bidding process.

Using a mobile device or computer, an agent logs into their Ideal Agent portal where they will see the client’s basic property information. Here the agent is able to adjust commissions/rebates and marketing program based on the home value to be more competitive.

All leads are verified manually by a call from our team to ensure that the information is correct and that they are ready to buy or sell in the next 60 days.

Immediately after a client selects the winner the client details will be viewable in the agent’s Ideal Agent portal and sent via email/text. Your identity will also be revealed to the Seller or Buyer along with your contact information, so they will be expecting your call. Of course, calling them promptly will increase your odds of getting their business.

Sellers & Buyers select their Ideal Agent, which is a complete evaluation of what they are looking for in an agent. It doesn’t always boil down to the lowest commission. Also, you may be the lowest, but was it the most strategic to sell the home. i.e. which is the better selection? List Commission 2.5% Buy Side Commission .75% for a total of 3.25% or 1% List Commission Buy Side Commission 2.5% for a total of 3.5%. Which one would get better results?

Please submit any additional questions to