Florida Minor League Camp Announces its 5th Great Season in 2017

The Florida Minor League Camp is ready to receive applications for its 5th great year as the nation’s best “instruction based” off season program designed to get you better for the upcoming 2017 minor league season. The Florida Minor League Camp which runs from February 4th through February 15th, is beneficial not only to players that need a job, but for players currently under contract that want to upgrade their skills while being scouted on site by MLB teams to land an affiliated job.

The Florida Minor League Camp has gotten over 60% of its attendees jobs the last two years in five different Independent Leagues as well as affiliated MLB teams. The design of this camp is to instruct and be evaluated by some of the best past and current MLB players, scouts, trainers, and coaches in the game.

The list of instructors, MLB scouts and guest instructors over the last 4 years include Bucky Dent(Yankees), David Eckstein(World Series MVP), Dave Cash(Pirates All Star), Curis Granderson(MLB All Star), Rick Eckstein(MLB hitting coach Nationals), Marv Foley(catching coordinator Rockies), Jamie Bane(Red Sox), Brian Peterson(Tigers), Darnell Coles(hitting coach Brewers), Andy Barkett( hitting coach Pirates), Chris Carminucci(DBacks) and Mark Brewer(pitching coach Rockies), Marc Valdes(pitching coach Mets), Jim Riggleman(Reds MLB Mgr for Nationals, Cubs, Padres), to name just a few, giving you the greatest value for your hard earned money.


This camp is designed for a very limited number to ensure the success that each player will learn and get better. Do not delay so you won’t get shutout of this once in a lifetime opportunity. I will personally see you to it will leave us better in all facets of your game then when you arrived. This is my promise to you.

Nick Belmonte

Owner/Director Florida Minor League Camp

For further information please call 813-926-7622

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