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The Big League Approach (BLA) is focused on mastering the mental side of baseball. It aims to provide each client with the necessary tools to gain a competitive mental edge for each pitch, each at bat and each game. While it is important for an athlete to be in good physical shape, the mental aspect of the game is something that is often overlooked and one that can truly provide the edge that sets you apart from your competition. Our desire is to provide each client with the motivation to believe, mentally, that they will succeed in each pitch, at bat or game. With every client, developing a customized mental approach prior to hitting, defense, base running or pitching, will aid in ensuring consistent positive results on the field. In addition to on field success, learning to deal with failure in any game situation will also be given its own approach that allows each client to compartmentalize any unsuccessful results and turn them into a learning experience for the next opportunity.

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