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For over 20 years we have been heavily involved in Technology Management and Managed Services. Our experience in the data center industry has provided a constant platform from which our history has been steeped in the latest technologies.

Through this experience we have learned not only the value of quality hardware and software but that the most critical piece of any system is the people being the solution and the policies and procedures that they operate within. We developed these policies and procedures and with close adherence to these principles they have afforded our deployments above 99.999% uptime and a 0% compromise rate.

Prior to 2001 and the Data Centers we’ve been employed or contract to, our background was in LAN/WAN management in the SMB market. Everything from 5 seats to 150 seats, we’ve managed clients and needs of all sizes. To this day, we believe the coupling of this experience and sharpened skills can provide you with the best solutions possible. Would you like to know more about us? Just ask by clicking here.

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